Sunday, October 8, 2006

hees. i found that picture while i was accompanying my sick sister to the polyclinic. she was affected by the haze like everyone else. however, my sister was still as talkative as usual despite her sorethroat. i even had to snap at her to shut up before i could have peace.
-.- it's not me being impatient. it's her talking about pointless boring stuffs and repeating the same old topic, every single day. i was once very talkative when i was about her age too. well, i guess i passed down my genes to her. haha.

anyway, about the haze, i remember the same thing happened to Singapore when i was 7 years old. we could not go out of the house, so i ended up watching television the whole day with my grandparents. NO SCHOOL~! haha. if this haze continues to worsen, i hope the government would ask every school in Singapore to close down for a period of time. if that happens, O'level examinations will have to be postponed, and then i would have enough time to catch up with my studies. yoohoo~

FAT HOPE. it's not going to happen anyway. the haze in 1997 was very much worser than now. the PSI then was 226. yesterday was only 150. it still has to increase by 70... on the other hand, if the PSI gets higher, it means that the amount of dirt in the air would increase. wouldn't that cause more pimples to appear on my face?! omg. i dont want that to happen. i want CLEAN AIR~~!!

One advice. Buy all the masks in all the shops around your neighbourhood before the prices go up. haha. i would have to wear a powerranger-fullface-mask to prevent pimples. say hello to me if you see a powerranger on the streets!

*hehs. of course i was kidding about the powerranger mask thingy.

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