Saturday, October 28, 2006

i don't usually listen to her songs, maybe because most of them aren't my type. However, this song is going to be one great exception. the first time i heard it, i think it was okay okay only. then after the 3rd or 4th time, i got quite addicted, and kept replaying it. haha. this shows that although you might not love 'something' at first sight, but you might after some time.
here are the lyrics. i think the slanted words are really meaningful, and somehow bring out some of the feelings inside me.

well well well, let's stop being emotional and get on with some relaxing stuffs. haha. i went to visit my cousin JunYuan yesterday, to celebrate his ONE-Month of living on earth :)

Yoohoo~ i seldom take self potraits outdoors. haha.

This is JUNYUAN~!!

i had a hard time trying to take a photo of him because there were so many aunties surrounding him and carrying him at every single minute. finally when he was put to sleep, i crept next to him when no one was looking and..... SNAP.
haha. blur photo because the moment my camera when 'click', he started crying. well, i tiptoed out of the room and pretended nothing happen. =X

in case it crys upon seeing me, i took this picture from quite far and zoomed in. haha. this was the BEST shot i could get.

Played with this two adorable cousins after awhile. at least they won't cry when i take photos of them.
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errr. i think i played with the toys more than i played with the kids x)
Look at this BIG yakult~!

and this one is so CUTE!! awwwww. it is better than the real thing, because i can squeeze and squash this one. haha.
i got bored playing with the toys after awhile and began to do something i loved most. CAMWHORING!!!

i have fat legs. please suggest some ways to slim those down without exercising and money! ....i guess it's impossible =(

i had a little MORE eyebags that day because i chatted with Vincent the previous night from midnight till 4am in the morning. grrrr. he owes me my sleep -.-

( it seems that my posts are becoming more and more boring. grrrr. i want to see a table walking on it's own or one yellow monkey holding an umbrella please. )

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