Friday, October 6, 2006

haha. finally my SWEET SIXTEEN came :)
i shall update about my birthday either tomorrow or sunday bahs.

since today is 6th October, here are 6 random things that are non-related to my birthday:

1) the song called "happy birthday to me" is the first song i heard in the morning when i switched on the radio. wahs. so concidential. haha.
2) school was supposed to start at 7:2oam but i only left home at around 7:3oam. grahs~~ super late!
3) the taxi uncle gave me 60 cents discount. haha. he's GREAT.
4) my "monthly-blood-donation" came all of a sudden without warning while i was out with a guy -.-
5) .....and today was the first time i bought 'the thing' by myself. *very paisei !*
6) i ate Yoshinoya's Teriyaki CHICKEN meal! ~yummy!

sorry guys, i cannot blog much today, because i only have afew minutes online.
THANKYOU to everyone who greeted me happybirthday!

and for this special occasion, i shall post a photo of me
without makeup at all, and my rarely-seen tooth-smile: now you guys finally know the reason why i hate going out without make-up. haha! i have small small eyes and flawed skin
=( and.....this photo isnt the worst yet, i warn you.

i think my best acheivement throughout my 16 years of living on earth was...... Dropping into a 1.8metre pool and sucessfully getting out. i was only 11 years old at that time.

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