Wednesday, October 4, 2006

NOTE: my email inbox has been cleared of all the inbox messages today, so i might not have read new emails. please resend them to me again if i did not reply you.
i was in school this morning when mum smsed me suddenly:

translation here if you dont understand chinese:

haha. Fiona said that earthworms can grow back even after being cut into 2 parts. i didnt know that until today. yuck. that means earthworms can never get extinct... =(

what's worst, is that even if we eliminate all male earthworms so that the female earthworms will never get pregnant, the remaining earthworms can still cut themselves into 2 parts, and when the parts grow back, presto~ two earthworms instead of one now...

oh ya. is the world tiny today, or it's me who grew gigantic overnight??

Looks like im playing toys. haha.

the doorbell is too small for my finger~!!!
He's naughty today, so i pulled his ears.
haha. i can grab the curtain just with one hand. i can also grab your neck with two fingers :)
haha. this one is real la. it's just my savingbank, designed like a cupboard. =X

hehs. i think the photography was not very good though. all the photos looked so fake.

By the way, i was on
haha. someone submited my post about the teenage couple.

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