Friday, October 20, 2006

daddy is breaking up my computer into smaller pieces just to insert something new, so for now i can only use his computer that has a super wierd keyboard. if i dont sound like myself this few days when i blog, blame it on daddy's wierd keyboard lor. haha. =)

well, the good thing about this computer is that popups are disabled, so i dont have to see those freaking advertisement popups whenever i refresh my blog~ hehes. that's great because im getting super irritated by those advertisments. i wished i know how to scare them off.

here's one matchstick game to test how clever you are. from these 6 matchsticks, move only ONE of them to form 4 triangles.

stop racking your brains, here's the answer.

hehes. i guess most of you will also get the answer wrong, just like me. UNLESS........ you cheated and asked your grandfather for the answer.

Once in a lifetime- by ShinHwa

i kept playing this song recently, but i have absolutely no idea what the song is about, except that it has something to do with flying to the star. haha. make sure it doesnt fly wrong direction and bang into one of the five stars on the Singapore's Flag..

okay okay.
i admit i have nothing to blog about, and that's the reason for all those nonsense today.
so.......... please forgive me!!

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