Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fiona and me were feeling bored today, and created these 'unique videos'

Caution: they are SUPER lame.

this one is called: Me and Fiona's Dancing Leg.
it makes no sense anyway, except that fiona's leg moved abit.

... and this is called: Scissors Paper Stone~!
(turn up your speaker volume for sounds*)

this last video is the worst. we were laughing so much and only managed to capture 3 seconds. haha. it was suppose to be capturing the wall from right to left, and saying "Shrrrrroooooom".... i think we only managed to capture SILENCE, SILENCE, SILENCE, and SHrrrrrrroooo- without the "M".

hees.. the videos are stupid but we did have fun.
i love it when we do crazy things together.

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