Friday, October 13, 2006

Today is the 13th of Friday, BLACK FRIDAY.
did you notice?? well, i didnt until afew seconds ago. haha.

i think women from the past are very fortunate. look at this:

the clothes they wear are big, and covering almost the whole of them. they dont have to care about body figures! they dont have to worry about having small boobs, flabby arms or a bulging tummy because the baggy costume covers every detail of it. the men are the unlucky ones, because a man will only realise that his wife have a bad body figure only after he marries her. wakakaka. now i know why men from the olden dynasties are allowed to marry more than one wife. i wonder if there's any man who is so unlucky that he constantly gets fat women even after marrying for 29 times. haha. if i were borned in that dynasty, i can eat as much KFC and Macdonalds as i want, and i dont even have to worry about looking fat because all women on the streets will look fat in that kind of costume~ the only bad thing is........ how do those women survive 70 years of lifetime in that dozen-layered-costume everyday?? for me, 5 minutes in that costume and i would end up sweating endlessly. they dont even have aircons in the olden dynasties~! those women deserves a big round of applause from me. haha.

well, i've been much more weaker in resisting those delicious food recently. that explains the stupid body-figure i have now. *crys*
went to Macdonalds today again with fiona, junyuan, yikai, jonathan and ivan.
that evil-fatty-frenchfries, bad-upsized-coke and wicked-chicken-nuggets ended up in my stomach in just less than an hour. HOW TO SLIM DOWN WITH SO MANY NEARBY FOOD OUTLETS CONVENIENTLY WAITING FOR ME OUTSIDE SCHOOL EVERYDAY??

i wish Vegetables and Fruits would seduce me so that i'll fall in love with them and ditch away meat and sugar.

littleboy: mum, how many bones do we have in our body?
mum: we have 206 bones in our body.
littleboy: well, i have 207 bones in my body.
mum: why?
littleboy: because i accidently swallowed one fish bone justnow.
mum: -.-!!!

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