Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yoohoo. i went to Weijun's chalet party last saturday, and guess how big was the chalet bungalow??

3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 long corridor, 1 big carpark, 1 bbq pit, 1 backyard, and a super big garden... (the bungalow was even facing the sea. woah)
whoosh. can you imagine how big the whole house is??

Even the biggest bedroom in the chalet is bigger than the biggest bedroom in my house.

and that corridor is long and wide~~

Enough about the house, because the Main Attraction at the party was BBQ~!!

haha. if you didnt realise, it was not the moon. it was just a spotlight hanging from a tree that kept blinding me wheneven i looked into that direction.

there's this cat that kept going near to people who have food in their hands. haha. whenever someone throws a prawnhead on the floor, it will gobble it up in one swooop. after some time, they said to stop feeding it because it would not go away, and might climb up the tables. well, i secretly fed it by throwing food secretly to my back, and the cat gobbles the bacon up~ wakaka. im KIND~!!

canot resist la. it looks adorable:
however, i did not gave the cat my BBQ fish and chicken, because they are all too delicious to be thrown to an unknown cat. besides, the bacon was cold, and that was the actual reason why i fed it to him. lalalala. i had actually took a photo of every single kind of food i eat, but deleted it in the end cos it doesn't look as appetizing as it looks in real life.

And in every chalet party, there's bound to be alcohol~ at first we didn't know it was champagne or wine when they picked the bottle. haha. till now, i still don't know whether it was champagne or wine because i forgot to look when he open the cork.
-.- we drank champagne/wine from papercups.. so unclass and informal!! haha.

i did not camwhore as much as usual because i did not wear makeup that day except a faint line of eyeliner on my eyelids. it's unseenable though. haha. the BBQ also resulted in my face looking oily and glossy, so i ended up deleting alot of photos.
im left with only these few- they looked even worst before editing.

Yes, my legs are fat.

I was around the last few to leave. i reached home at around 2am, and had to wake up early for work the next day. guess what? i woke up with a sorethroat plus a terrible headache.


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