Monday, October 9, 2006

After morning assembly today, one of the teachers in my school came up to me and gave me a goodiebag. i was super surprised, because she's not teaching my class, and i dont know her very well except that i take the same bus with her every morning. oh ya, i borrowed 60 cents from her before too. haha.

she told me that she had wanted to give me the goodiebag for many days already, except that she didnt saw me.
well, this is wierd. she's giving me a goodie bag because i borrowed 60 cents from her afew months ago?? lol. in case you are wondering, i return her the money liao hor~! hehs. i just kept saying 'thank you thank you thank you' , because i dont know what else to say... haha.

anyway, the goodie bag contained
one pen, one school badge, one bookmark, one melted fererro rocher, oreo, 6 sweets, one lollipop, and two pieces of chocolates.

awwww~~ too bad i have a sorethroat now. i can't eat them :(

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