Monday, October 9, 2006

i would never ever want to pose like that for a bus advertisement. my answer would still be a big 'NO' even if you pay me $1000000. i cannot imagine how horrified i would be if every single person saw me in that pose while the bus happily circulate around Singapore. haha.

anyway, i woke up in an unhappy mood this morning because i realised i was down with a sorethroat~ i had this unremovable painful lump in my throat and the feeling was damn terrible! grrr. i shall blame it on the haze, because....

The haze - caused the people around me to become sick.
the people around me- caused me to be sick.
So the main culprit is,
The haze- caused me to be sick.

im currently speechless~~ i want to talk!!

i dream of so much, yet they never came true. i experienced so much, but i still feel like a fool. i crave for so much, yet nothing goes my way no matter what i do. i cant find any words to explain how helpless i feel, i hope it will all go away soon.

i guess we really have to be contented with what we have now?
READ THIS. haha. (not suitable for children under 16. )

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