Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Me and Fiona were on the way walking back to class after recess, when MissYeo stopped us. She asked fiona to help her carry her pile of worksheets, and asked me to hold her water bottle for her. guess what i saw on her water bottle??

Cash tied to the bottom of the bottle with a rubber band. haha. i laughed and asked teacher why she placed the money there. well, she answered that it was because she couldnt find any other place to put her money...
-.- fancy those words coming from a cool english teacher!! her answer sent me and fiona laughing all the way from the 1st storey to the 3rd storey. haha.

Anyway, i watched the movie WorldTradeCenter.

it's actually about the 911 terrorist incident, and they reacted it from true life stories. when the screen showed one of the leading actors talking, SL suddenly told me that this guy will not die in the end.

SL: this guy in the end wont die.
Me: why?? *puzzled*
SL: because if he die, how the director will know what he said that time??
Me: *almost fainted*

alright, the show was quite draggy and more of the storyline was focused on the two policemen trapped under some heavy stones. actually what i wanted to see was how the two towers fell~!! well, they didnt show that :(
it was really touching to see so many people supporting each other during disasters and the best thing was that even strangers helped strangers :)
i felt super-pain when i see those fire and heavy things falling on people. i began to wonder what i would do if i was the one there. if i was alone, i would probably have given up. i cant even bear the slightest pain such as getting stomach cramps~! haha.

i would rather 1000 crocodiles attacking singapore than an aeroplane flying through Singapore's Suntec City's tower.

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