Wednesday, November 1, 2006

It's a bright sunny morning, but instead of lazing in bed, i woke up damn early just to finish rushing my art project which is due.... 2pm this afternoon. gosh. i've to spend 3 hours painting roads and bustops in that stuffy school hall later. *yawns*
i think im gonna panic if i see better painting from whoever sitting next to me later.

anyway, i was feeling rather bored that day, and found this video in youtube. it's very funny if you listen carefully. Turn up your speakers! :)

it's some funny responses to survey on lecturer's teaching. haha. the teacher's accent is SUPER hilarious.

i drew a nice picture for Fabian last monday on Msn, and i promised to blog about it, so here's the screenshot~ haha. i've nothing to say about it, except that i took a longer time drawing the words than drawing the apple.

(click for full view)
that's all today.

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