Friday, November 17, 2006

finally i have a tiny-whiny bit of time to click on blogger.
i was afraid you guys would all run away to another blog if i didn't blog as much as i used to. haha.

Some random update before something interesting comes along and knock my door:
- i did something which i've never done before yesterday.
- i realised that im a woodblock in dancing.
- i had more than 5 nightmares in the school hall yesterday within less than one hour -.-

i remember when i was a little kid, every night after falling asleep, i would have this nightmare about HUGE big large train wheels chasing after me in total darkness. it was horrifying and i hated sleeping. When i grew up, i realised that actually many people have this nightmare of monsters chasing them around when they were young. My sister's version of this nightmare was unique though. instead of monsters chasing her, it was the Bigger-scaled Scrabble Toy which chased her. haha. she was even chased around in our neighbourhood.

in case you dont know what is a Scrabble toy:

hmmmms. i just remember something. i recently found out that the 1993 top pupil of my school is named Ho Ho Sing. i wonder if he has a sister called Ha Ha Dance.
oops. i hope he doesn't see this blog. haha.

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