Monday, November 27, 2006

i looked into my handphone, and in the TO-BE-BLOGGED list, i saw the word "pasar malam". well, i went to the pasar malam near by house 2 days ago, but i seriously forgot what interesting things i had intended to blog about. haha. nevermind, I decide that i love Ramly Chicken Burger. HOHO.

hmmms. i thought that my daddy was the one who always crack up cold-jokes, but my mum did a surprising thing that night. i was walking home with her, and as usual, she walked fast, and i walked slow. suddenly, she turned around and told me that the moon was smiling at me.
i looked up at the moon, and realised that the moon was in this shape.

if there were two stars above it, the moon would really be smiling at me. wahahaha.

then mum smiled, and told me that i have to smile back at the moon. i immediately replied her: "wah lao! mummy, you today VERY LAME leh!! " hahaha. i wonder what thing made her so happy and hyper that night -.-

alright. *change this stupid topic*
Have you ever sat in a cinema, and a kid behind you starts to put his hand over your hair and mess it up?? well, it happened to someone i knew. LOL. she ignored it at first, but after some time, she got quite fed up and threw a fake-cough. the mother of the child pretended that she didn't heard, and the child kept messing her hair. she threw a fake-cough again, and this time the mother of the child took away her child's hand and said "OHHH~~~ im so~~~ sorrrrrrry. " yes, her tone was like that. after that, the child started to mess my friend's hair again, and the child's mother pretended not to see her own child doing it. it happened repeatly, and whenever my friend turned around with a irritated look, the mum would say sorry in that stretching tone.

grrr. if i would immediatly shout at that kid who mess up my hair if i were my friend. in fact, i would yell at anyone who mess up my hair in a public place, even if it's not on purpose. please lah! i every morning have to spent ALOT of time tying up my hair der leh.

haha. how i wish i had those kind of hair that would fall back nicely in place even after messing up, like those in Shampoo advertisments.

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