Friday, November 3, 2006

My art exam was saved by two wonderful guys :)

the first wonderful guy is Shunlai, because he came over to my house in the morning to help me cut and paste and colour and complete the rest of my unfinished art project. whooosh.

the second wonderful guy is his father~!
i realised that if i take the bus, i would be VERY late for school. So his father came and fetch me to school. isn't he nice?? i reached school just afew minutes late. *phew*
haha. i kept being late for my exams -.-
someone out there have to help and cure me!

Other than the both of them, i still have lots to thank.
thanks for the emails and help in my researching part:
- Fabian, Jade, Sherrine, Anonymous, Kelve, Shadowking, Phyllis, Jayvon, JiaLing, Sean and HuiXin.

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i randomly painted this so that it would take up half a page of my project. wakakaka. lousy painting of the car though -.-

this was traced.

errr. these flowers weren't very revelant to my topic "Roadside", but since it could take up some blank space, why not? haha. i wrote in the description part that i saw these flowers by the roadside :)
hope the Examination-marker doesn't know im lying =X

This was my most revelant picture: ROADSIDE!! haha.

.... and this tree trunk is my favourite!

geeez. i dont think i will even get a B4 for this art exam though. i looked around the hall that day and realised that almost everyone had a much more creative final design than mine.

here's a nice Music Video featuring JayChou and Hebe:

grrr. i hope my computer get well soon. i have practically nothing to do on daddy's computer!

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