Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yoohoo. i made cookies! Nice cookies.
not for myself to eat though :(
it was made specially for someone. *winks*

I was quite muddle-headed, and made a mess of the kitchen table. haha. instead of normal baking paper, i used A4 computer paper. LOL.


It took me almost forever to sift all this flour. *wipes sweat*


After that, i had to cut up pieces of butter and blend them into the flour. grrrrr. it was totally disgusting, especially since i have long nails.


I purposely added more sugar than i was supposed to =)
must sweet then will nice~~!!


After that, i got to the fun part. Mixing the dough!! haha. at this point of time, my house went electricity blackout for about 1 hour -.-
and me, i mixed the dough for 1 hour while waiting for the electricity to come back so that i can put it into the oven. the dough should be VERY-evenly mixed by then! =D


I had fun rolling the dough into balls. haha. it almost felt like playing with clay.


And then, i had to press them flat so that they will look like cookies.


The recipe book says i had to bake them for 15-20 minutes, but i think i spent about 40 minutes before they turned golden brown. haha. i think is my temperature wrong, because the temperature-wordings on my oven is missing and i had to guess which is 200 degrees -.-

Tada! I can open cookie shop already. but i only want to roll the dough. the rest ask the workers to do. lalalalalala~~


Hey, the one who i gave the cookies to:

If you are seeing this, finally you know how much effort i spent huh? Enjoy them, and tell the whole world that i make nice cookies :)

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