Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Congratulate me, because i spent 2 hours studying yesterday! my previous record was only about 1 hour~ haha.

My secret recipe to study for as long as 2 hours? rest as much as you can in between! haha. in between the 2 hours, i watched tv, talked on the phone, smsed, randomly flipping pages, and.... drank coffee! haha. i seldom drink coffee, because i prefer tea. but since i need concentration last night, i chose coffee to keep me awake. haha. im not coffee-girl, so i dont know how to make real coffee~ i used this 3-in-1 coffee mix where i only need to add hot water and... PRESTO~~! one nice cup of coffee is ready :)

people always say coffee can make someone awake and alert. now i know why. when the coffee is hot, you would focus on stirring the coffee, blowing it, and taking small sips from the little tea spoon. when you finished paying full attention to the coffee, you'll be fully awake by then. haha. that was what happened to me. instead of making coffee to make me feel alert, i ended up wasting time drinking the coffee slowly -.-

i had chicken rice for lunch today, and returned home a little fatter.
well, guess what? my sister returned home thinner than before because she went cycling. grrrrrrrrr. she's already taller than me, thinner than me liao, still want become thinner??? omg. if she continues to grow taller and thinner, i'll look like a fat dwarf beside her.

With normal people, i look almost normal :)
With my sister, i looked...... fat and short :(

she's younger than me by 4 years, but taller than me by 5 cm currently!! some people even thought she's 16 years old, and im primary 6.

i want a shorter and fatter sister.

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