Friday, November 24, 2006

Graduation Night

alright, here are the photos taken. i was horrified when i saw the photos and realised that i didn't look good that night. well, nevermind. the other girls looked great :)

Before the event, i woke up damn early to prepare but i ended up playing online games with denver. wahahaha. i only started preparing about 1 hour before i was supposed to leave the house. thanks goodness i wasn't late meeting fiona, because i'll sure get a flying punch from her if i did.

3 layers of nailpolish of different brands. Silver base coat, silver glitter, and gold glitter. couldn't be seen clearly from this photo though.

this was the pretty pair of highheels that i borrowed from Bel. it's lucky i didn't fall down that night.

Me, fiona, denver, & zixiang took a taxi and reached there. it was difficult to climb up this long flight of stairs with those high heels!

Inside our ballroom. i had actually wanted to take those balloons home, but in the end i guess it was a wierd sight to see someone in gown, holding a bunch of balloons walking down the streets of orchard road in the middle of the night. haha.

And now for the best part, EATING TIME~! *smiles in gleeeee*


I dropped this piece of prawn before i even placed it in my mouth. haha. well, fiona took another one for me, and it was delicious! (fiona placed the orchid there, and we ended up passing the orchid around)

Well, i didn't eat the rest of the dishes, and i dont know what they are because i was out of the ballroom taking photos. when i came back, i saw a half-eaten dessert on my table. i have no idea who left it there. haha.

Now for the people! you'll see alot of pics with me covering my mouth like this photo, because obviously my mouth looked wierd in it. heee. i'll take it as my handphone's camera quality bad, because i switched to smaller size in order for more memory space. blah blah blah.

Fiona looked VERY gorgeous that night.

We'll be best friends, friends forever. ^^

Bel looked very beautiful that night too! =)

Miss Grad Edah and me!

And this is Mr Grad Junwei and Me~

Shereen and me. she looked Spicy that night. wheeets~






I was feeling bored waiting for the next dish to come =X

i seriously dont know why i took a photo of this.

Everyone was given this cute teddy. i named it Graddy, because Graduation + teddy = Graddy. LOL.

After the Prom, Nice Shunlai came to fetch me home, and we walked down the streets of Orchard Road.

My feet was painful from walking such long distance in high heels after that :(

One irritating thing about that night, was my bra-strap. Mummy bought this super-thin bra-strap for me, so that it will be unseenable. however, this bra-strap kept squeezing my skin, and i spent alot of time adjusting it the whole night. i hope no one saw me doing this ugly act. hehes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

i'll post more photos here after my friends send them to me :)


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