Friday, November 10, 2006

Whooosh. i finally reached home :)
Praise me, because i spent afew hours studying Principles Of Accounts, which is a very challenging thing because it's all about.... Scary Numbers. The only thing i like about Principles of Accounts is that i get to see many many many Dollar-Signs. haha.

guess what? we had planned to go Macdonalds to study after exams today, but all of us forgot to bring paper to write on -.-
with a flash of my quick and clever brain, i suggested 'stealing' some papers from Cambridge. wakaka. that means, instead of returning them the unused paper for our exams, we keep them. hees. Ivan called me a 'theif' ...

It's never easy to study with friends, because today we spent 1/5 of the time eating french fries, 1/5 of the time studying, and 3/5 of the time laughing. i dont know why we could laugh so much with so many POA books right infront of our face though. we were supposed to feel stressed! omg. i think we are wierd laughing creatures.

oh well, look at this! i feel a great sense of acheivement, because i did this question which consist of 14 marks within ONE hour~ errr. which is rather... Slow? haha. Nevermind, because this is the first time i've completed POA questions with ALL correct :)

Speaking of studying, this was what i doodled while studying Maths yesterday:

haha. it has something to do with maths one hor! see the NUMBER 5?? that's maths! hees. anyway, while i was looking for my maths textbook yesterday, i found my last-year's personal diary. it was fun to re-read what i had written in the past, about my feelings and all the things that happened. i was shocked to know that i had did something-embarrassing in the past. i had already completely forgotten about it! omg. also, i realised my way of writing in the past is wayyyy different from how i write now. i used to use the twiit language of:
"haiisssh. whyy will lydat derhx. "
Conclusion: i was so damn childish and naive last year. hmms. i wonder if i would read this blog next year and exclaim how childish i am? i hope not =X

Another treasure founded inbetween the pages of my diary was this picture of the man in our dollar notes. i almost forgot that i had drew him. i dont think i even remember his name. It doesn't look like him though after i compared this picture to my real $2 note. haha.

alright, nothing more. just this random picture i took yesterday of joanne's new toy.

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