Monday, November 20, 2006

Lets shout Hurray, because the exams are finally over~!
i dont have to sleep in the school hall anymore. wahahaha. i can spend more time with my beloved pillow :)

well, right after the last paper today, fiona and i went to meet Christabel because i wanted to borrow high-high-high-high-heels from her. she lent me a black eight-cm-tall heels which is also not my shoe size because im 7, and she's 9. it still looked super gorgeous though. hees. thanks Bel :)

i doubt i can balance on that tall thing, plus the fact that my feet looks small in her highheels. haha. i think i'll fall down 99 times on graduation night.
*crys* who shall be my official "walking-stick" on that night? that person must be capable of not grumbling if i pulls that person down too when i fall. haha.

Here are some of the gowns i tried on while choosing the gown for graduation night.

i liked this white one, but i looked pregnant. haha.

Everyone i asked liked that gown below the most. i liked it too at first, because my sister's first reaction when i wore it for her was: "wow!" haha. but i think this gown enhanced my not-flat tummy, which is a BAD thing.

So, guess which one i'll wear that night??
heees. actually, you can stop guessing, because it is none of the above~ wohohos. i've bought it, and it's hanging nicely in my wardrobe now but i think i'll only show the photos after graduation night, together with the other photos.

im gonna have fun that night. i will.
BUT...... how am i going to have fun that night when im revealing all my flabby arms???!! someone even told me i look short in that gown.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

i just remembered something wierd. haha. i realised this morning that after falling asleep lastnight, i sent Shunlai this sms:
"Sorie. Yesterday i felt asleep through their owner in the morning."

LOL. what was i talking about??
i thought i only know how to sleeptalk. now i know i can even sms while sleeping. wakakaka. can this be counted as a talent? :)

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