Sunday, November 5, 2006

i went to VivoCity for the first time that day.
well, i think most of you have already went there before already. haha. okay, i admit im slowwww la.

haha. that place is WAY HUGE!! There's this open space balcony that faces the sea inbetween singapore and sentosa. It's really romantic there.

I think even the fattest person in fat club can walk on this platform:

Shops Shops Shops. Many food outlets there too! if i live there, i could try a different dish everyday :)


we had BIG cup of tea in that BIG shopping mall. haha.

I also spotted this BIG chunk of butter used for the toast. wakakaka. after shopping, the butter was still as big as 5 hours ago. haha.


.... and PHOTOS~



grrrahhhh. i couldn't think of anything else to blog~~~

well, if you are too bored, you can click this and help me vote!

haha. thanks!

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