Monday, September 18, 2006

i was wondering why i felt so cold, and then i realised that the stupid fan was blowing directly at my legs. grrrrr. im feeling rather coldish this few days... and everytime, everywhere i go, the fan would directly point at me and stay there.
that was the reason why i could not concentrate on my chinese prelim paper today~ because the fan was distracting me. it's true, i swear.
(maybe another reason was because i felt sleepy =X ) hahas.

oh well, i almost killed 2 person just now.
i was helping mum to hang the clothes, and in the midst of taking down a bamboo stick from the ceiling, i lost control and the bamboo came crashing down to the floor. one end of it almost hitted my eye, the other end almost hitted my mother who was just about to enter the kitchen. my sister, was just afew inches away from the bamboo stick. luckily, the bamboo stick did not land on any of us. hahas. the three of us freezed there for about a minute, swallowing the shock. hahas. imagine if the bamboo had really landed on one of us, or worst, 3 of us. gosh. i'll be hospitalised with one broken eye. not only that, i'll be in jail for 2 life sentences.
gah~!! there's no internet connection in the jail~! =(

oh ya. and imagine my poor dad who is going to be so lonely without the most important 3 women in his life. hahas.

i feel like eating some hot buns now.

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