Sunday, July 2, 2006

My sister had been pestering me to take a photo of this poster because she thinks the cigarette looks cute and the smoke looks funny.

actually, i dont find anything cute or funny about this poster leh.

well, let me tell you about the 'adventure' that went into taking this picture.
you see, this poster is stuck high up with scotch-tape or maybe blutack on one of the coffeeshop's pillar.

the pillar is around the middle of the coffeeshop.
So in order to take a nice picture of this poster, i had to stand in the middle of a busy coffeeshop,
look around, pretend that im smsing and then conveniently aim the hp camera at the poster, and ... SNAP.

it is SO OBVIOUS that im trying to take a photo of that stupid poster.
see how much humilation i suffered just to take one photo that my sister wants??
NOW, you all cannot say im not good to my sis liao hors~

im certified a good sister~

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