Monday, April 20, 2009

Had a nuffnang dinner with Ming, Huiwen, Raine, MeiYan, Valerie, Jayden, Fidelis and Jessica afew days ago!

It was at Ma Maison at the Central.
Right from the exterior i know that im gonna enjoy the ambience inside.

Usually im a habitual latecomer, but this time i was early! Fidelis and me reached first! Love her hair colour!

It has been so long since i last saw all of them! Everyone's been busy.

The food:

Escargots for the other girls. I'll never eat that thing =x

Chicken wings!!! Love love love chicken wings.

Assorted Sausages~

My maincourse was oven baked fish! It was awesome!

The others had this beef omelette rice. I dont eat beef, so i was the only one who didn't eat it. They said it was yummy!

When presented with his pasta separated from the sauce, Ming commented "If the sauce is supposed to be added to the noodles, then why dont they do it for me??"

I ended up laughing so hard at what he said. he even said it very seriously!

It was fun chatting.

I've to thank the nuffnang girls for being ever so patient with my temper sometimes! I always feel guilty after that because they are still so nice to me!

Im looking forward to the next nuffnang dinner/outing :)

Loreal mailed me some loreal products a week ago. Thanks loreal!

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