Saturday, September 20, 2014

fArt tArtz

When bf first said he wanted to bring me to Farttartz for our weekend date, my mind was thinking "what Farttartz I don't want". The name wasn't very nice but I went to search it on Instagram and realized it was the cafe that serves flower dessert which I saw on a magazine and wanted to go! Haha.

We ordered all these. Honestly at first I had very low expectations of the food because I thought it would be just a fanciful cafe with mediocre food. But I was wrong!!!! The food was quite yums!

Especially the Grilled Hot Wings. I am actually craving for it right now!

Bf ordered sandwiches.

And I ordered Pepper Chix Linguine which came in a jar! This cafe is really all about visual pleasantness, I like! And I have to say, the pasta was not dry at all and it was tasty. I am not usually a pasta person but I enjoyed the entire jar.

Never thought much about fruits infused water before but that day I had it and felt quite inspired. Like quite easy to make at home leh. Throw in grapes strawberries berries and mint leaves. Sounds like an easy way to healthy drinking! It tasted good, didn't stray too far from how plain water taste and it felt quite nice eating the sweet fruits inside too. Plus, look so pretty!

For desserts, we ordered a jar of Strawberry Shortcake. IT WAS SO GOOD. The berries, the cream that wasn't too sweet and the crumbs were a good combination.

Again, the presentation makes instagram-worthy pictures! Haha.

And the highlight of the meal was........ the flower dessert! It's actually mud tart, and the flavour we chose was orange-something. I actually wanted oreo because it had the sunflowers but the selections of orange-something one didn't have them. The service staff was very nice to change the flowers when she knew i preferred these instead of the original ones :x

Isn't the flower pot dessert so cute?!!!

Besides the visually appealing food, I liked the flowery decor too.

I want a panel of flowers like this in my house next time! Would be such a pretty backdrop!

Love the gardeny theme!

It was an awesome lunch but dampened by bf's grumpy mood. One minute he's sweet and another minute he's pekchek. Tsk!

But he surprised me later by secretly buying another flower dessert and hiding it in the car. Ok la I happy after that. Haha

OOTD picture! Green floral top from! It is exactly the same top I wore to Bintan, just different colour. Haha.

Bf and me have been taking turns going overseas for the past few weeks so we haven't had a proper weekend date for a long time. Can't wait for our next one!

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