Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happiness is a good meal

One of my personal pet peeve, is ordering the wrong dish. (This pet peeve is quite sad, because it is caused by myself, hence I can't really blame anyone else for it, unlike usual pet peeves)

You see, lunch and dinner only comes one time each per day. There's no undo button for you to rewind time and re-order something better. Many times, I go to a restaurant, make a wrong choice, and feel unhappy throughout the meal because the food didn't meet up to expectations. I don't think I am a picky eater, and I don't really have high standards when it comes to food. Mcdonalds and KFC makes me happy!

What makes me really unhappy about a bad meal is 1) money wasted on lousy food 2) tummy wasted on lousy food.

When food turns out bad, there's only two things one could do. 1) Re-order. Re-ordering means that you have to pay twice the amount for 1 meal, plus either waste food or eat too much because you tried eating both dish. And this is why I always do number 2) Bobian eat and feel sad about wasting one meal chance.

Well, I guess most people don't really think so much when they eat. Haha. Not nice then not nice lor, no need to feel sad. But I don't know why I always feel upset when I waste my "meal"!

That day, I had lunch with bf and his friends at a steakhouse and because most of the items are beef, I didn't have much choice and ended up ordering chicken chop for myself. Terribly wrong choice because the chop is breastmeat! Actually I don't understand why this particular restaurant uses chicken breast for chicken chop. Most chops are made of thigh meat! Chicken breast is especially dry and tough, not suitable for such dishes at all. The shrimps on top was a nice consolation.

After lunch, bf and his friends went to a dive shop to pick out new items and they shopped for a really long time. I was so bored! Haha. He spent a longer time in one dive shop than I do in the entire Bugis Street!

Wore this tee from www.earthdoll.co and paired it with my favourite black skirt. The top is made of lightweight material, perfect for Singapore's warm weather, and kept me comfortable while waiting for my bf's slow shopping! I really like the trendy range of apparels available on www.earthdoll.co. Do check it out! Remember to also quote '15off' upon checkout to receive 15% off! 

My current favourite red bag. Pairs well with any outfit!

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