Friday, August 28, 2009

im blogging from phone because im wanna go lie on the bed soon. Very tired.

The past two days had been one hell of a nightmare. It was so sudden and made me feel so lost. i wont say what happen in detail because some things are meant to be kept private.

I've to thank arthur for coming down to help and also at the same time gave me some moral support. I would never have the strength to handle it on my own.

I used to always think; 'aiya, there is still another tomorrow' but now i know that not everything is definite. Unpredictable suayness do happen.

Was upset + worried lastnight but is in a super grateful and blissful mood now. It really feels nice to know that someone is willing to sacrifice and put down so much for me, and that i have some sort of importance and influence that others have tried but couldnt get.

SX is sorta fine for now, and im finally able to give my mind a rest.

Very sleepy though. Gdnight!

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