Saturday, August 29, 2009

Went to take out my hair extensions today.

Realised that my own hair is already quite long already. But im still going to Milly's this coming monday to do super long ones again. Hee. Also going to dye my hair to light brown as well. Will be keeping it straight but maybe i'll try curling it when im free!

Anyway, i lost my camera! I still have it yesterday but couldn't find it just now. Maybe i drop it somewhere or misplaced it :( Super sad now. Dont know why this few days so much unexpected drama in my life. Like suddenly good suddenly bad suddenly good suddenly bad lor! Argh, really hope nothing major would happen again. That's why i say, one person can't have it all. I used to have really bad lovelife and everything else going at average luck. This time, while my relationship is still going well for now, i have super many frustrating matters in other areas!

If im going to buy a new camera, which one should i buy? Or should i stick to Canon 80IS, it's really good for me so far.

Ate seoul garden with Sx, Chris and Roxanne that day after a photoshoot.

This is the icekachang that me and sx made ourselves! Haha. Alot of ingredients inside. Very fun doing it but i made him eat it all himself cos i dont dare to eat it. Lol.

Im really afraid that by giving me everything that i wanted in my lovelife, fate would take away something else from me as well.

After that sudden incident a couple of days ago, i dont dare to have a peace of mind anymore. I feel scared all the time, and even when things are okay, i fear for anything that could happen the next minute.

Bless me.

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