Thursday, June 16, 2011

Holland Village

Holland Village

I had this herby fish thingy. Was shocked to see spaghetti sauce over it cos I was expecting lighter gravy.

Isaac's ribs. Was surprisingly soft! Thought it would be tough.

Ben's chicken with cheese and bacon. Sounds yummy!

Both of theirs had big portions and were fulling, but my fish isn't :( The only thing of excess quantity on my plate is that pile of criss cross fries.

Needless to say, I didn't have a satisfying meal but held back from ordering their buffalo wings. Those guys wouldn't help me finish it. I prefer having meals with glutton boys!

Had on lighter makeup as my eyes were megamegamega-uneven that night.

I look like siao char bor in both the picture above and below. Amusing.

So, in the following series of photos, something happened...

1) Me strolling down the road, acting cool for the camera.... Ben engrossed in his phone.

2) Me strolling down the road, acting cool for the camera.... Oblivious to car behind me... Ben engrossed in his phone.

3) Ben suddenly look up from his hp and saw what I was holding behind me on one hand and exclaimed: "Wah lao! Where got people hide plastic bag like that de!"

Lol. You can't see my right hand in picture 1 &2 cos I was trying to hide the ugly plastic bag behind me!

Thereafter, I ended up turning like this.....

Cos I was laughing. And then I ended up bending down to laugh.... And then I stood up and scold Ben - while laughing. Told you I was abit siao char bor that night.

Got rid of my plastic bag!

Tada~! Someone else is carrying the ugly plastic bag now hahaha.

Dress from MissQueenie, Bag and Belt from TheBlogShop

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