Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mini Bobo


Look familar right?!!!

It is because it is the mini version of my BOBO!! It's the baby of my BOBO. Haha.

I was walking around some ulu shop recently and it caught my eye! Damn cute to see a mini version of my favourite bear at home lol so I immediately bought it. Hahaha. When my mum saw it she was thinking how come 'Bobo' look abit different, thought my bobo shrank!

It is named Mini bobo or Baby bobo.

It's so adorable that I'm starting to neglect my real bobo. Lol.

Yep yep, Bobo is getting too dirty. In order to clean him, I gave him & some of my other studdies a "wild wild wet ride". Hope he had fun hahahahah.

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