Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bridesmaid Staycation - Day 1

After Skai's proposal to Nadia in 2011, and solemnization in 2012, it's finally the wedding in March this year! As the big day approaches, there are some bridesmaid activities leading up to the big day and earlier this month, we had a Bridesmaids Hotel Staycation at Grand Park Orchard!

I am one of her bridesmaids, together with Fidelis, Jacelyn, Carrie and Elaine! Elaine couldn't make it to the staycation, so we were bridesmaids-minus-one! :(

We had two rooms, one for me, Fidelis and Carrie, while the other room was taken by Nadia and Jacelyn. The room was spacious enough and had a girly theme to it due to the purple colours and mural on the wall.

Nadia received this customized pillow from the Hotel! Cute!

We started off at the Club Lounge for drinks before the Hi-tea session.

It's a nice quiet place with friendly staffs.

And fooooooooood. And the best orange juice i ever drank. Haha.

Fidelis getting some food! I didn't get anything because I didn't want to be too full for Hi-tea later on!

Hi-Tea time at Open House.

Although just Hi-Tea, the buffet spread had a wide variety of food and we were spoilt for choice! This could easily be dinner.

There are live stations where you may place your order and they will prepare the food for you. One of them is a claypot station and we enjoyed the sizzling hot food like Three-Cups-Chicken, Claypot Rice, Assam Fish, etc. Noodles like laksa can also be prepared on the spot for you!

And dimsum!!!! We seriously had such a big spread on our table, it could be another buffet counter.

If you see this tub, GO STRAIGHT FOR THE DURIAN PUREE. It's superb.

The manager brought this out for us and we had TWO SERVINGS even though we were already very full from the buffet because it was SO SO GOOD. If only I get to eat this readily anywhere anytime!

Some hot tea to wash the food down.

Back to the room for gifting session!!

Nadia gave us a bag each. LOVE IT!

And inside the bag, were other gifts!

She customized these bangles with our names for us. So pretty!

Sleeping masks, and I got a pink one! Thanks Nad, for knowing my taste! Hehe. Fidelis got a "Foxy" one because she hates the "what did the fox say" song. Hahaha.

Goodies from Beautydirect for our staycation! I used the headspa later on and everyone agreed it was so shiok!

The bride!

Afterwards, was cocktail time! I think we just ate and ate and ate and ate that day. Haha.

Celebrate with champagne!

Food again. Hahaha.

I remembered everything on this plate was yummy.

Dress of the day from EARTHDOLL (Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21). Anyway, our room were a mess compared to the other room. Haha. I think the best part about living in a hotel is that you don't have to be neat or clean up. I love how I can just throw my stuff on the floor. Haha. My sister hates me as a room mate.

Swimming time!!!!

With Moscato...... to the girls' delight.

And down the water! IT WAS SUPER COLD LOR. My teeth were chattering non-stop in this photo due to the cold but luckily I managed to force a decent smile. Haha.

Actually, I don't know how to swim.... I was just walking in the water. Haha.

Send bf this photo and said we were swimming and he replied "Swimming?? Your hair isn't even wet!" HAHA.

Went back to our rooms for a bath and get ready to head out again! They were lazing around on bed after getting prepared and I decided it was a nice picture time! Sexay~~~

Love how the hotel is located on the main street of Orchard so there were lots going on outside!

Supper time!! I had french toast!

While the rest had noodles~

Went back to the hotel shortly after! Me and Carrie laughed so much at a stupid comedy show featuring stupid videos. Haha. Soon after, everyone fell asleep and this sums up our happy day. Will blog about Day 2 after this!

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