Wednesday, February 26, 2014

River Hongbao

Back with another CNY entry!

My family and I went to visit River Hongbao at Marina Bay during the CNY period. It was super duper warm that day and the sun was scorching!

Love this photo of us although you can't really see the faces. Haha.

Outfit photo! Wore a red dress to match the CNY feel. See how well I blend in with the background! Haha.

Beautiful flowers I couldn't resist to take a photo!

Honestly River Hongbao is a boring place... Hahaha. I guess it's because we went during the day and there wasn't any programs going on.

Best part about River Hongbao is the food! There was quite a wide variety of food from different ethnic groups, some the pasar malam usuals. We were quick to order our pasar malam faves, and my uncle laughed at how far we traveled just to get pasar malam food. Haha. We did try some of the special ones that he bought... yummy! Love the deep fried crab!

Nothing much for this entry, just posting up photos from the day!

Hectic schedule this few weeks, my calendar is all packed! Can't wait to resume back to relaxing weekend brunch dates soon.

Busy is good lah, this means I will have more things to blog. Stay tuned! :)

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