Friday, February 28, 2014


Some time back, bf asked if I wanted to visit the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibit because he was quite keen but I was like, "Don't want lah, boring one." I just don't think that looking at ice sculptures is interesting at all! Haha.

Few months later though, I finally agreed to go. I was thinking, why not? I have never been to any cold places besides Genting, so maybe it would be a good experience to feel how -15°C is like!

Actually I totally underestimated how cold it would be, and I initially wore a knee-length dress. Before I got into bf's car, I asked him, "Erm, you think wear like this can or not ah? You think I should wear jeans?" He said, "I think you better put on jeans." I still answer, "Huh, but don't match my dress!" LUCKILY IN THE END I DID BECAUSE IT'S FREEZING COLD!

But I still wore the wrong heel -_- I wore an open-toe one and in the end my poor toes were really suffering in the cold. Should have worn sneakers! Heels was okay on the carpeted area but near the slide was very slippery and I almost fell down.

The place is smaller than I expected though. The sculptures are all the famous landmarks around the world!

Rare nice photo of both of us :)

There are scheduled snow-fall timings and I thought it would be the snowing around the whole exhibit from the ceiling but no actually they just use a machine to blow out the snow at a designated area for a short while. But still quite fun!

Slide area. Quite scary leh. Hahaha. When I took the first ice slide I went down myself slowly but when I went on second around later on, a staff pushed me down and I went down so fast. Lol. I was never the brave kid. I remember as a kid I used to go up on playgrounds and if the slide was too wide/steep, I would u-turn and climb back down the stairs. Hahaha!

Took me awhile to gather my courage before I finally went down on this slide in a float! There was a bump at the centre so the float would slightly jump up so it was quite frightening too! Once is enough for me hahaha.

Another nice photo of us!

Afterwards we went to the Ice Bar next door.

Coldness again! Icy furniture!

We ordered these.
1. Drinks in Ice Mugs. We didn't want beer so we ordered normal drinks and top up $3 for ice mugs so that we can throw them against the wall after drinking. Is this cheap thrill or expensive thrill? Haha.
2. Tender tofu.
3. Pizza.
4. Wings Obsession Platter. We did expect the food to be overpriced here but this one is ridiculous. The menu stated "Wings platter with homemade braised wings, classic fried wings, and signature shrimp-paste wings, served with classic golden fries" Three different type of wings, but end up I only tasted 1 flavour, plus there wasn't even any fries! Also, just 4 chicken wings, so means $6 for each? When we asked them about the braised wings and fries, the staff just told us that they ran out of braised wings that day (it was only noon), and fries is actually not supposed to be included although it's written on the menu. Even if this was the reason, why didn't they point it out to us when we were ordering? Shouldn't they mention that fries was not included and one of the flavour was not available? Looking at the menu now, we should have just ordered Classic wings which is $15. But judging from how each wing is $6 on the platter, I guess the Classic Wings only has 2 pieces. Haha. $7.50 each?

We bought the photo to keep!

My initial outfit before I put on some leggings. This was the dress that bf gave for one of my valentines gift!

We went to my old favourite restaurant for dinner! Many years back I used to frequent this branch at Taka with my friends.

Tried the marinated salted duck. Nice!

My favourite shark bone soup and the main reason why I keep coming back. It's SUPER YUMS.

Spinach tofu with veggie~

Multi-flavor dumplings!

And their Sambal Seafood Fried Rice..... One of my favourites too.

I wanna go back more often!

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