Sunday, February 23, 2014

Necessary Provisions // Lynn's Bake

(Blogged this with a terrible headache. Sorry if I sound incoherent! Haha)

One fine day, bf decided to ask his friend to join us for lunch at this place he recently found online.

It was a drama-ful day. This was what happened.

The plan was supposedly this - I would go pray with my family in the morning and meet him there after we are done, then drive to the lunch destination with his friend.

Early in the morning, I sat on a wooden chair and kena cut on my ankle because I accidentally brushed against an invisible splinter.

Afterwards, my family and I took our own sweet time to prepare and didn't manage to get out of the house according to the time we planned. Then, we waited a long time for a cab.

By the time we were done, of course we were behind time! Bf came to fetch me and when we reached..... the restaurant's kitchen just stopped taking in orders for lunch :( I think we were only 1 minute past the last order timing!

So, we decided to go to the nearby Grandstand to see what we can eat. I was craving for brunch as it was supposedly our initial lunch plan. But..... Grandstand/Pasarbella had none of that. I remembered that M.A.D had some good eggs benedict, but it was past their lunch hour already....

Bf went to check online and we decided to head to Necessary Provisions, since it sounded like a cafe and from the reviews, it looked like that was a high chance they would have brunch food. So we went into the car again and drove there.

Nope, no such luck.

Not only there was no brunch food, the menu was very limited. Only 4 sandwich mains. I chose the chicken dish, but it was sold out. The rest is either Beef, or Tuna or Tomato. I don't eat beef and I hate tuna and raw tomato. Besides these, there are only choice of 2 other bread dishes, granola, or scones, which are more of breakfast/teabreak than lunch.

At this point I was like, "What a day!!!!"

Bf forgot to bring his camera too, and my phone was running out of battery. I was too tired to move again, so we just ordered two mains for them and I decided to just eat some sides and have a drink. The boys remembered passing by a cafe called Lynn's Bake before entering Necessary Provisions, so bf went to check out their menu and YES, they have pasta with ingredients that I can eat! The boys suggested that we go over to Lynn's Bake after they have their mains so that I can have the pasta while they have some desserts.

Things got better from here onwards!


Despite my earlier disappointment at the limited menu and moody staff, the food was not too bad!

I must say the coffee was really good!

Toast with Cashew Butter and Jam ($4).

Banana Nutella Panini ($5)
Love the combination and the bread was crispy enough! Love this one!

They both said their beef dish was delicious!

The place is quite dark and more of communal dining. It reminds me of Chye Seng Huat Cafe!

After that we went to Lynn's Bake and it definitely felt very angelic and peaceful compared to the edgy and hip vibe at Necessary Provisions.

We ordered Rainbow Cake ($8.50). My first time eating a real slice of rainbow cake! Love the vivid colors!

My prawn pasta *satisfied*
Very yummy, although it would be better if the pasta wasn't Linguine. ($14)

Hot fries~ ($5)

I liked the cozy feel of the cafe and the friendly staff there :) Highly recommended~!

End off with outfit photo:

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