Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CNY Gathering with Nuffies

On CNY day 4, I continued the festive mood with this pink floral dress! If you noticed, it's actually the same dress as what I wore on CNY day 2 except different color! Haha.

So anyway, it was time to start work again but I wasn't feeling the blues because after work was Mookata at Dempsey with Nuffies and other bloggers! Every year, Nuffnang would organize a CNY dinner and this year was no different.

In case you are wondering why I dressed up for a hot and sticky affair of mookata, I didn't know we were going to have that! Idle bistro sounds like a place that serves western food right?!

Food wasn't as good as my fave mookata place but the conversations made up for it. We started with a tame discussion about Dayre (follow me on, then the topics shifted to dramatic and shitty past relationships.... Got Taiwan drama type, got Korean drama type. Hahahah. I think I can actually publish a book already!

But before Mookata, we had Lo-Hei! It's not a CNY dinner if there is no Lo-Hei!

Group picture!
From top left: Karen, Amantha, Qinxin, Juli, myself, Yina, Jessica, Evonne
From bottom left: Jayne, Patty, Bossming, Velda, Melissa, Huiwen

Check out the pretty setting behind us! The thing about such pretty scenes (like outdoor beaches/nature) usually come with annoying pests that are not captured in photos. In that day's case, it was a frog. I've seen disgusting crawlies, weird flying insects, rats, etc, but a real, wild, alive frog? First time! It appeared at the other end of the table but I was quite convinced it could easily jump to our side with a leap. Can one right??? Or I watch too many cartoons??

And the falling leaves made it feel like we were filming a romantic autumn drama. Until one dropped into my cup.

After dinner, we went inside for a mini karaoke session! Actually more like a concert because Yina and Jessica sang so well and we were just contented to listen to them sing!!!!!! Why wasn't I born with singing talent ahhhh?!?! It's such an awesome skill to have!

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