Saturday, April 26, 2014


We have been wanting to picnic since way back but it never once materialized, till last weekend! And guess who we brought along.....? CHURPIE!!!! ^_^

So happy!!! As you can see I also brought my favourite doll 'Florence' along. Hehe. Couldn't decide between her or Churpie so I brought both out!

Anyway, on the way to our location, bf drove the wrong way and we ended up on a jammed expressway and had to go one big round before we reach our destination. As it was a rainy week, and the weather forecast stated that there would be thunderstorms late morning and early afternoon, I was extremely afraid that if we were late, we would not be able to even get an hour of fine weather! Luckily, it didn't rain the entire day!!!!!

Instead of preparing the food ourselves, we decided to buy them for convenience! We got these!

Bread and sandwiches from the bakery~ (as you can see I also brought my entire daiso flowers inventory from home too hahaha)

Fruits! Apples and grapes. I think grapes are PERFECT for picnics because it's so refreshing to munch on them!

This photo below taken by bf while the above taken by me. The apples in this photo look so much more juicy and yums! I conclude that he is indeed a better photographer than me. Either that, or he just has a better camera. Haha.

Other food include some Old Chang Kee snacks and a box of eclipse. We were extremely full at the end of it all!

Other items we brought along: Windmills, baskets, coloured tissue paper, book, ipad, and drinks! Remember to put sunblock before leaving the house!

Super love the cheery colors!

Feeding Florence grapes. Haha.

Love this photo that bf took for me! I saw him taking photos of the windmill but I know I'm in the background so I smiled for the photo. Nice leh!

The only photo we took together that day!

Actually at first I wasn't sure where we should picnic but if you ask me now, I would say East Coast Park! I thought that this place would be dirty and crowded but it was very quiet there! See, I even managed to take photos of our surroundings without anyone in the background. And it was a weekend! The best thing about East Coast Park is that there are many shady areas and it is very breezy throughout because we are near the sea. Only bad thing is there were lots of ants around but I guess any other place would be the same.

We chose a shady spot at first but after awhile the sun moved and we were in the sun but too lazy to move our picnic mat. Haha.

Florence has an apple!

Outfit for picnic~ Plain black top and denim!

Doesn't this photo below look like I'm far away holidaying in a nice beach resort? East Coast Park can be pretty too! Even though the sand is not perfectly fine and white, but it's still pretty enough compared to what I remembered it to be. It used to be dark brown and dirty but now it's nicer! Maybe I was just at the better side of the beach?

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