Saturday, April 19, 2014

March/April Updates

So much to do so little time!

Here's a random update with lots of pictures because I feel like rambling today!

First, let me tell you a joke my colleague sent to me the day before.

Ah Soh is filling up an application form for a job.
She supplied the information for the columns on Name, Age, Address etc.
Then she comes to column on "Salary Expected"
She is not sure of the question.
After much thought, she writes "Yes".

Recently got myself a new love - this pink Kate Spade bag. Love it very much! I have been very into bags recently, got myself at least 10 new ones in this month alone :x Okay, now I know why I am so poor :'( Gotta scrimp for the rest of the month!

Anyway, I really need to find a way to organize my bags properly in my closet. Currently they are all on top of each other and I really can't bear to do that to my new bags. Anyone knows anywhere I can buy some kind of bag shelving to be placed inside closets?

Another picture of my new love! Hehe.

I went to do my hair at Essensuals Bugis after a long time! As usual, my fine hair was extremely tangled but all is solved now thanks to the stylists who had to spend a long time combing the tangles through.

Dyed my hair, did treatment, and my hair is now smooth and pretty!

My stylist Wayne trimmed my frizzy hair ends and tried to give me a new fringe parting. Looks good! I wasn't very used to the new parting though, and went back to my usual side the next day! Haha. How does this hair color look? Have been receiving compliments for it! :D

While I had my hair massaged and washed, I was thinking how awesome it would be if I could have someone wash and massage my hair, then blowdry and give me nice hair every morning! I aim to earn enough to splurge like that when I grow up! Haha.

Anyway, to book an appointment with Essensuals Bugis, call 63330039 :) Mention my name for special discounts!

Had a steamboat feast at my colleague's house last month! Before this, we had Mookata the night before. So sinful! I was accidentally one hour late for the gathering, felt extremely surprised that all of them waited for me before starting dinner. Little gestures like this, I remember for a long time :)

We were joking to the colleague who hosted us, that this must be her table centerpiece. She really arranged the lettuce so prettily that it was left untouched because nobody wanted to spoil it throughout the meal!

Some of us went to have a go at an Escape-room game! Wanna play again! Actually the clues are not that difficult, just don't think too much like we did! Paid a hefty $28 per pax for 45 minutes. I think there are branches that are only $18 for an hour. Gonna try those next time!

After the exciting session, we went for ramen dinner! Yum yum!

And earlier this week, we went for Arnolds Fried Chicken! We really is sinful!

Belated birthday presents from Fiona~! Love them!

Everything came together in a box and attached with each item, was a handwritten funny note. Sound totally like her lor! Haha.

Eyelashes: Eyelashes for you. Try something different lah....
Diary: A 2014 diary for you for your busy schedule. You don't use it but now you can start using it :)
Pouch: Er... I don't know why I bought this for you but it's cute. So yea. :D
Memo-pads: For you to use at work, don't know if you need it or not. But since I bought it already, you have to use it :P
Hello Kitty Masks: For you to use during haze again. Not N95 but very cute at least :D
Stickers: Super cute right...? :)
Swarovski Pen: This is your real birthday present!

Just a nice photo taken of my wanton mee. Haha.

Met up with "Millygirls" for dinner one fine night! Me, Nadia, Elaine and Milly herself. Fidelis couldn't make it though, boohoo :( We had a sumptuous and yummy Japanese dinner! (This is only a portion of what we ordered!)

Nails by Millys Hair Lash Nails. 

We settled at Paris Baguette after dinner for chitchat! Elaine had to go off earlier that's why you only see three hands in the above pic.

The other two girls loved their Orange-Kiwi juice but my pure Orange juice was disappointingly bland.

Strawberry crepes!

Tokyo Strawberry from bf! Super love the packaging! Japan is really awesome at that. I think if one day I go to Japan, I'd be tempted to buy everything because all the packaging is so pretty! Anyway, I think the strawberry version is so much nicer than the banana ones!

Old photo from February, a date night with bf at Marina Bay Sands. Very impressed by the musical My Fair Lady; the beautiful set, great stage music, pleasant singing by the female lead, and funny dialogues by the male lead. Loud applause from the audience throughout the show! Very interested to pick up some English linguistic lessons after that! Tickets courtesy of Nuffnang!

Shortly after trying Hai Di Lao (will blog about it in a separate entry soon), I tried Jpot and I was quite surprised that it's actually good!!! I thought it would be overpriced and substandard but actually the price is quite worth it for its portion and freshness. Very yummy, and there is wide variety to choose from. I think it is absolutely worth it to spend a little more for air-con, cleanliness, and quality. Also, I like that it is not self-service. Would rather go to Jpot than Hai Di Lao (unless I don't have to queue 2 hours for it), but I really wish Jpot has Hai Di Lao's mala base and la-mien!

Oh! Another yummy food that I wanna introduce! MA LA XIANG GUO, has been opening quite a number of branches island-wide in recent months but I'm not sure if they all are the same. The one I had was extremely fragrant and delicious!

That day I was quite bored so I spammed bf on whatsapp with voice messages. Hahahaha. Laughed so much because me and my sis recorded our "eating grape sound" and sent to him. We really is boliao one. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I'm quite sad now because I just re-contracted my mobile plan and now my 12GB data become 4GB liao :( The last I checked, I already used 3.7GB! I wonder if it is because I keep viewing images on Intstagram?

Ending this entry with a photo of myself! Thanks for reading my super long and random entry to the end! Haha.

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