Saturday, July 6, 2013


Weekend dates with the boyfriend has became something I look forward to every week!

On one of the weekends, me and boyfriend decided to head over to Holland Village to have our lunch at this place called "PARK". The standalone restaurant is located very randomly on this big grass patch in front of the row of main shops.

The restaurant is not big. Air-conditioned area had space for only that few tables, but there were many people who prefer to sit outside, even though it was an extremely hot day.

I had Cafe Latte as usual and Bitter Lemon was boyfriend's choice of drink.

Love the necklace that I was wearing that day! It is from and I think it pairs extremely well with my outfit.

We tried the recommended PARK wings. Not bad!

Bf's bowl of Beef Hayashi ($13.50) came in a cute albeit surprisingly small bowl. It was listed under Main, so I thought the portion was quite tiny. I think that it should be served with rice to make it a proper meal.

My main was Eggs Benedict ($13.80)! Wonderful choice!

We saved a little space in our stomachs for dessert! Ordered the Lemon Meringue ($9.90) and it was soft and yummy. I really like Meringue! Meringue feels really sinful but I loved the texture!

281 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278996

We visited Provence nearby and bf bought some bread for his breakfast the next day! I was tempted by some of the choices available but didn't get any in the end.

Saw a roadside cobbler and decided to repair our shoes with him. I recently bought a pair of heels that broke apart within the first few steps. I used super glue to try sticking it back but it broke immediately again. Then I realize that the structure of the shoe is so wrong that it's impossible for it to not break when you walk in it. The pair wasn't exactly cheap either. I bought so many cheaper shoes before and they all lasted as least some months if not a year or two! I paid the cobbler and hoped his glue would be better. When it was done, I could walk in it but the back strap was constantly tugging (how do I explain this?), it's like the strap was going to be pulled out anytime soon. I can already feel that it wouldn't last long. And yes it's true, I only managed to wear it for one day and it broke again. Threw it into the bin this time. Spent so much (with repair costs) on a pair of useless heels!

After we left our shoes with the cobbler, we had to wait for quite awhile before he can repair it, so we drove around and spent some time at the bridge near Indoor Stadium before heading back to Holland Village to pick up our repaired shoes.

Took some photos! The scenery was quite pretty!

Simple but nice date!

Dress is from
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  1. That dress is so cute. I love the floral. -Hanna Marie

  2. nice photo of you in the first pic, by the bridge :)