Monday, July 1, 2013

My Bear And The Haze

Last week before the buzz about that special edition black hello kitty from McDonald's (I didn't manage to get it anyway. Luckily it's not the original color so I'm not that sad), Singapore was buzzing about the burning of forests in Indonesia resulting in a hazy Singapore. Every hour I was updating myself with the PSI from NEA's twitter page. I went out without a mask anyway, and on one of those days, stood in the haze for quite a long time trying to get a cab. When I finally got a mask, the haze became better the next day. Haha. Anyway, the haze-related joke tweets and internet memes circulating online were quite entertaining.

One afternoon, Dad was alone at home and he sent me and my sis this photo of my bear with the caption "Very Hazy". Hahaha!

Then mum came into the conversation to ask if I'm coming home for dinner. Hahaha. If I have the time I would extract other funny conversations filled with line stickers to blog!

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1 comment :

  1. AH the bear picture is so cute. I feel so bad for you not having a mask. Hanna Marie