Friday, July 19, 2013


I don't know if I should be blogging about this but it's really too drama to not blog about!

I was eating yummy McSpicy at my dining table and heard some sound at the gate and thought my sister is back. Waited around 2 minutes but my sister did not appear so I thought maybe I heard wrongly.

30 minutes later, got sound at the gate again and this time the lights came on but my sister didn't appear (I can't see the gate from my view at the dining room). I continued eating and wondered if it's a burglar stealing my heels quietly. Haha. Over-imaginative.

Then I heard my mum's phone ring and then I heard my sister's voice at the gate and then my parents came out of the room. At this point I was puzzled about why my sister was outside but did not come in.

We all went to our gate and realize our gate was padlocked by a bicycle lock!!! My neighbour's gates were also padlocked! They just came home a while before my sister and all squeezed in through the little gap that the bicycle lock allowed. Haha. My sister told me afterwards that at first when she walked pass she was wondering why the neighbor locked their gates like that and left it slightly ajar.

The lock came accompanied with a crushed note stating a mobile number and another neighbour's unit number. First thing I did was to take a picture of the lock. My slipper was outside so I pushed it away to get a nicer background and saw a key there! The culprit hid the padlock key under a shoe outside every locked door!

We went out and helped our neighbour to find 'their' key too. And honestly the first thing I did when I came out of my house, was to check for "gotcha" camera. Hahahaha. Then we all saw that another neighbour's gate also kena locked! We went up a level and down a level and saw another unit locked too.

Suddenly all the neighbours were out gathering and kaypo-ing. This seldom happens and the last time was some months back when our whole flat's power/water supply was cut off suddenly.

Anyway, luckily this didn't happen in the morning when running late for work!! Haha.

What is this?!?! Giving us free padlock? Lol. Or are padlocks cheaper than splashing paint? We went up and saw the unit that was stated in the crushed note had CCTVs around their gates so I believe the culprits decided to do it on the neighbours instead...

And it's such a coincidence that just few hours back I was replying Miyake on twitter about money-lending companies text ads....!

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