Monday, March 14, 2011

From Xinmsn:

After 10 long years of dating, celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan will tie the knot on May 7 this year.

A few days ago, the couple recorded an episode of Taiwanese talk show Here Comes Kang Xi, where good friend Dee Hsu was one of the hosts.

During the recording, Christine revealed she wanted sisters Barbie Hsu and Dee to be her bridesmaids many years ago. However, she did not expect them to marry before her. The singer then selected Makiyo and Pace Wu as her bridesmaids for the upcoming nuptials.

Although she could not be Christine's bridesmaid, Dee shockingly declared, "We promised to have babies together!"

Blackie also named multi-talented Lee Hom and actor Godfrey Tsao his best men, causing Dee to tease him for inviting best men who are more handsome than the groom himself.

As recording progressed, the couple also started sharing on each other's embarrassing stories.

Blackie jokingly claimed that he once suspected Christine might have undergone sex change surgery when she was in middle school because "she barely changed [since then] and [she] didn't have any suitors".

"She's got no female hormones in her," Dee agreed.

The couple added that they communicated with each other through "fighting for computer games, teasing each other with cockroaches and creating ugly pictures of each other with Photoshop".

Christine also revealed at the recording that she wanted to break up with Blackie during their seventh year of dating because he "looks unsightly and dirty" when he eats. Then, her friends advised her, saying, "Christine, Blackie loves you very much. He's a good person."

Dee let on that Christine was lucky to have their group of friends, else there was no one the singer could complain to, each time Blackie bullies her.

After all the teasing and joking, Blackie turned to Christine and expressed solemnly that his life revolves around Christine and said that he baptised because he "wanted to meet her in Heaven".

"I love you very much," Blackie said affectionately.

So Sweet~~

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