Friday, March 25, 2011

Tea Cosy!

Tea Cosy

Nadia brought us to this lovely place for her MysteryMakan turn! This little cosy cafe is located at a cosy corner of PlazaSing!

Really alot angel ornaments inside!!

Even got a little shop selling such items at a cosy corner haha.

I love the menu design! However, I felt that the choices for main course was quite limited.

We all had lovely pretty floral plates in different design and colours! This is mine ^^

And this yellow one is Jacelyn's. I like this one. I also like Nadia's, which was blue flowers. Only Fidelis got the plate that look like the china plates we all have at home lol.

Mushroom soup. I like the bread! It's spread with something sweet but I forgot what it was.

We also had the baked mushrooms with cheese on top. I just can't resist it! But I think there are nicer baked mushrooms outside though.

Jacelyn's fish.

My grilled chicken with pasta. The chicken was yums! Love the sauce it came with.

Foie Gras for Nadia and Fidelis.

Group pic for us four! Check out Nadia's new jet-black hair colour!

It's desserts time!

This was raspberry sorbet. Prefer sorbet to icecream cos it's lighter and I like sour stuff.

We had assorted cakes. Love how it came!

Brownie with icecream was great. I had two! :p

Group pic for all of us...

Lovely dress from !

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