Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Daddy's brother came over. My japanese cousin is super cute :)

After that Boyfriend came over to my house to meet my parents ^^ He was looking forward to that day for quite some time! Can see that he was very nervous. Hehe.

My sister is younger than me by 4 years but taller than me by so much! Hmmmph.

My hair was wet in the pic. Just showered. Havent dry.
Forgot to take pictures with daddy! :(

After dinner together, we went to watch AH LONG PTE LTD! It's lucky that we booked the tickets beforehand because the tix were selling fast. Even at the time we booked, there wasn't consecutive 5 seats at the back already. And so we bought two seats for me and boyfriend, and 3 seats behind us for mummy daddy and sis.

It's a super funny show! :) Go watch go watch. Lee Guo Huang acts as a sissy guy in the movie and he's really funny.

The trailer.

In the bus with boyfriend. After the movie, my family and him went to have supper nearby my house.


Every year's CNY, we would all gather at this house. My parents' friends and their friends, and their children, who are also my childhood friends! Big gathering :)

Steamboat ^^

Some played Playstation.
Some mahjong. Some chitchat.

Some played with the pet dog. I didn't dare to go near this dog. It kept barking at me! Bad dog.

Some played PSP. the auntie at the back of this picture was trying to 'molest' another young boy. Damn funny!

Everyone watched the guy playing computer games.

And me, i snatched hold of the laptop whenever i can!
Poker cards! I kept losing. Boo.

Loser have to eat pineapple tarts. Im fat now.

Storybooks always tell us that water is blue.
Kindergarden teachers teach us to colour water as blue.

Now we know they are actually correct. Haha.

(it's blueberry juice lah)

Abalone Yusheng!!! I like the cripsy cracker in yushengs the most.

Hee. Have a nice day everyone!
Anyway, Boyfriend said he might be able to come out of camp on Vday. yay yay yay! *jumps up and down excitedly*

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