Saturday, February 16, 2008

im in blogging mood!

went out with boyfriend today, and today felt more loving and happier than valentines day. hmmm. went shopping after a shoot (have to love bf more for patiently waiting outside throughout the 2hours plus) and bought a pair of black cute high heels that boyfriend doesn't like =x (he chose the more mature looking one... hee. that was nice too, except that it wasn't as tall as the one i bought.) Also bought another purple tube dress and a grey casual dress. Was choosing between red and purple cos i think i look better in red and always look bad in purple. Almost bought both of them but boyfriend stopped me cos he thinks i can always buy another nicer red dress in the future. yep, so heeded his advice and bought purple! I wonder if i'll regret... Maybe i was just feeling guilty for not choosing his taste in the high heels and he seems kinda upset. Bleah.

Didn't take pictures at all today. Kinda lost the love for camwhore cos i dont always look good in the photos :( But still, dont worry because i still have lots of pics to blog about!

Went for a creative shoot afew days ago for the Blackarts Imaging Production. Some models went for a trial test with the photographer for him to choose afew to appear in his photobook for showing to his clients. Surprisingly, i was chosen! Feel happy for me okay? :)

The photographer is a very kind and nice guy, and the makeup + designs that the makeup artist showed us was so damn cool! I can't wait to finish the whole project and see the final results!

Did one of the designs that day with fidelis and bianca. Had to go to the studio without makeup. I survived the mrt trip. Phew. If any of you saw me without makeup outside, dont come up to me and ask if it's me okay? Just pretend it isnt esther :D

Look at my flawed skin.... ( i sat through the mrt trip without the shades!)

Hairstyling. into a bun and she planted some feathers too. lol.

Catch a glimpse of my face without makeup in the mirror!

Placing the silver thingy on my face. Using GLUE! Check out my SMALL eyes.

DONT BE SHOCKED BY MY MAKEUP OKAY. i know i look scary. hahaha. I like my lips to be this colour.

After red lipstick. I look evil.

After the makeup which took about 2 hours, i was draped in a black cloth like a gown. The needles were poked at the back and i can't move much or else i would be poked! At one moment i breathed too hard (i have asthma and sometimes i have to breath very hard if not there wouldn't be enough air to go into my lungs), and the needles at the back all dropped out! Scared me so much that i breathed very little for the rest of the shoot. When the 'gown' was finally unwrapped around my body, i was totally relieved. lol.

Fidelis was next and she looked like an evil queen too!

Bianca's makeup was different from the two of us.
Me, Bianca, Fidelis. The two of them look naked. LOL!

I took around one hour to take out all the makeup in the end!! The glue left my face looking like some rotten skin. Had a hard time scraping all the leftovers out. The other two models had a better time because all they had to do is to take out the hairspray and thick eyeliner. Mine had stupid feathers and hairspray and eyeliner and red lips and silver thingy and GLUE!

Lucky my face didn't grow pimple the next day.

Will show you people the pictures when i get them! Not so soon i guess.

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