Monday, February 18, 2008

I reached home and told sister that i felt like throwing up. Maybe it was the car ride that a friend drove justnow :( And guess what my sister's first answer was??

~Do you need sourplums?~
She meant to say that im pregnant! Siao Char bor.

Went shopping just now! Spent 3digit sums again :( Mum will kill me if she knows about it. Lucky im not the kind who spend thousands at a go. haha. I dont even have the ability to do that anyway.

Bought a pair of plain black flats, ugly adultish black pants for work, and afew earrings. A dress and a top, lingerie, hairdye, silver & shinyblack bikinis. i wonder why i bought the bikinis. I like them, but i wonder when i could wear them out to the beach since i seldom go there anyway. The silver one is so shiny that i think i can use it as a mirror. Yippie! Gonna go swimming with fiona and huimin some day :) So long since i last saw bestie fiona and that funny huimin.

Drank this green drink from starbucks for the first time today! My friend recommended it and i thought it was wasabi when it was put down infront of me! LOL. It really looks like wasabi, especially when it's semi-solid. My friend even teased me by telling me that it's wasabi! grr. It's actually greentea milk i think.

Im kinda worried. Everyone has been telling me that the zodaic HORSE will have a bad year. I wish i can fastforward this year and quickly move to the next year. Horses will have more possiblities of getting an accident, not able to achieve much in workplace, wealth no good, people around us will backstab us, and we will FALL OUT OF LOVE!!! :(

My mum says if im not careful, my boyfriend would find faults with me and leave me.... Although boyfriend keeps ensuring and promising me, but im still afraid. He's almost everything that i wanted in a boyfriend...

Mum says i should stop being such a stubborn and unreasonable girlfriend :(

Maybe i should, in case my boyfriend cannot tahan anymore or find another girl that listens to everything he says.

Boyfriend told me one day that all he wanted was a simple gf. A normal, plain girl, the Esther he had known from the start. He doesn't really like me going to photoshoots, and is somehow jealous of those photographers having a piece of me. Well, i guess that's normal, just like how i dont like him having a piece of those models. Boyfriend didn't stop me from going for photoshoots. He just told me how he worries for my safety but he will still let me do what i want to do.

And so. I've decided! Im going to work a normal job that pays alot lesser than photoshoots. A job that normal girls do. Im gonna be my boyfriend's simple faithful girlfriend :)

Im gonna kick photoshoots aside for now, doing them only when i need money for shopping ^^

I've found a new job, but i wont tell you people what im working as and where it is. I'll be wearing alot lesser makeup and tying up my hair at work. In fact, nowsaday i seldom makeup so thick anymore unless im doing a shoot or in a super mood. That's why i dont camwhore that much, because i look bad in photos with so little makeup. Haha.

IM GONNA DYE MY HAIR CARAMEL CHOCOLATE, IN OTHER WORDS, DARK BROWN. Although i love my golden blonde hair, but workplace dont allow lah. Hope my dyejob turns out good!


I realise there are more and more twofaced people around me recently. Funny how someone could be so nice to you but constantly mocking you at the back. One of them is even a guy.

Dont they feel guilty? As for the guy, are you a man? I thought only females do that. Eww.

And lastly, a picture that boyfriend took of me :)


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