Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello people!

My life is extremely unexciting recently because of worklife. Everyday's the same thing. Messaging boyfriend on the way to work, rushing because im always late =x Chatting with colleagues, end work, whine to boyfriend and back home again.

It's has been so long since i last shopped because every night when i end work the shops are already closed. And today..... i ended work early cos halfday, and i happily went to the nearest shop i saw and bought 2 tops and 2 dresses at one go. I regret buying one of the tops because it doesn't look very nice afterall when i reached home. Waste money again :(

Let me update about something VERY VERY VERY LONG AGO. hahaha. Isaac wanted nice pictures for his blog, so i asked a photographer to help him to do a free photoshoot :) I shoot a little with him too, for free. An experience for him i guess :D He was so excited! I told him not to smile with his teeth cos i think he looked way nicer without smiling. And he really didn't smile for any of the pics! (err, actually afew)

We wanted to shoot at some uber cool place, so the photographer thought of the Istana Woodneuk. Sadly, it was raining so we shot abit at esplanade first.

We both wore black and white. Planned one lah, we dont have so good chemistry. Haha.

Then, the rain stopped and we cabbed our way to Istana Woodneuk.

I think it's a super cool place, but we went there at a wrong time. As it just rained, the sand was super muddy and almost impossible for us to walk on. I was wearing WHITE HEELS! I sank into the stupid disgusting mud with each step i took.

We smuggled into a hole beside the gate and walked through the pathway. We often reach a deadway where there is a big pool of rain water on the ground that made us unable to get across. We stood there thinking of ways to climb over rocks and sinking mud to the other side.

Luckily, there's the photographer and isaac there with me! Without them, i'll be feeling so lost there and scary because it looks the same every direction. I was lucky i had isaac to pull me up and down the steep rocks and sticks that need balancing, or else i would definitely drop and fall down into dirty puddles of water.

It's nice to have someone taking care of you when your boyfriend is not there. I was missing my boyfriend badly while we were having the "little adventure" making our way to the old building. It's super far from the main gate.

If my boyfriend was there, i would have someone to hug and someone to carry me over. But oh well, it's always good to have a male good friend that you can count on :D Im supposed to be the one taking care of isaac since im older than him but somehow that day it seems the other way round! Lol.

Here are some of the pictures after we finally got to the place. Got chased out by a construction worker after afew minutes because it is dangerous as planks could drop on our head anytime. We went off to the back of the building and shoot again. LOL. The construction worker got really angry and start scolding vulgarities. We left after afew shots since i was already super tired from all the climbing.

What the hell am i doing? -.-

Went off to chijmes and washed ourselves up in the handicap toilet.

LOL at the isaac back there. haha.
Shot afew pics there and when sun sets, we left for home sweet home :)

Have you ever seen this kind of Isaac??!

See... Isaac doesn't look as good when he smiles right.

The photographer wanted us to hold hands through the window -.- Laughed at each other cos it feels so funny.

Wow. Im rather surprised how im able to remember everything that happen despite it being so long ago!

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