Monday, March 9, 2009


I was at a shopping centre's washroom justnow and forgot to take my handphone with me when i left the toilet.

I only realise about my missing handphone after 5 minutes and ran back to the washroom with pessimistic thoughts. I see many women leaving the washroom and i was thinking that my handphone will definitely be taken away by someone because the handphone was laying on the table so obviously.

When i walked into the washroom, sure enough, the handphone is not on the table anymore. Then, a woman looked at me and asked if i was looking for my handphone.

Turned out that she passed my handphone to the cleaner after seeing it. She knew that others will take it away so she held on to the phone until she sees the cleaner.

Im super surprised. Most people would just take away the handphone or not bother about it. This lady was so kind... i think im so lucky she was the one who spotted my phone.

Thank goodness.

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