Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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As promised.

Im a very magazine person. I like to have a magazine to read while travelling around in trains, buses, or cabs. I think i throw quite alot of money into magazines every month. You know how some magazines cost as expensive as 8 bucks to $13.50? I usually read 8days first (which is the cheapest... $2 only!) , and after that then i buy the other more expensive ones. Sometimes it burns a big hole in my wallet - i spend more on magazines than food! I can finish reading one magazine each journey, so usually by the 6th day of the month i would have run out of magazines to read already. I'll have no choice but to buy those super expensive japanese fashion magazines.

You should know how happy i am upon hearing about the new magazine that is newly available at all watsons stores! The launch date was 23rd march, so if you have been to watsons today you would have seen this GLOW magazine.

It features mainly beauty, wellness and health. I love the number of advices dished out in just a single issue. It covers practically everything! I particularly like one of the article which features the different type of jeans and what cutting fits what bodyshape. Now i know :D

Instead of the usual highend prices that fashion magazines usually offer, there are some tips for recession times too!

Get a good body!

And and and, giveaways and freebies! Spatrip worth $6000, discount vouchers, wheeee! ^^

The best thing is... it only costs $2 exclusively at all Watsons stores !
The first issue even comes with a free recycleable shopping bag worth $5 for the 1st 30,000 readers. The design of the bag is nice!

The Watsons Week Atrium will be held at Tampines Mall from 23rd to 29th of March. With every issue you buy there, you can spin-the-wheel and win some prizes back for yourself!

Also, there's this workshop you have to know about! The GLOW SPRING/SUMMER Workshop is on 25th April (Sat), 2 -5pm. Registration is only $25 plus you get a goodie bag worth $150!Closing date for registration is 11 April, so quick, get a copy of GLOW Mag now for more details of the workshop + participants must use the coupon inside the Magazine in order to sign up for the workshop on health and beauty :) I'll be there! How could i miss such an interesting event.

Oh ya, to be kept updated with their activities, special treats, freebies and gifts, do visit their Facebook link! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=58576494703

Grab your copy today :)

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