Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recently my dates with BF consist only of movies because there are so many shows I want to watch! Who wants to watch Bounty Hunter with me? Heh.


It was good. I like the last part where the lead had some thoughts about brotherhood vs bloodshed.

There was alot of "happenings" in the show that I couldn't find a good time to go to the washroom! I didn't want to miss any turn of events cos every scene meant something. However, it was also this, which made the plot abit rushed through and confusing at some parts.

The best thing is, the 3 suave guys in the show. Heck, even two of the old men who acted as "Lao-Da"s gave out some masculine charm - of course I wasn't referring to the fat one luh!

Mark Chao.
I think he looked better during the star awards and any other photoshoots than on movie itself. I think his emotional-acting in the show was good.

Ethan Ruan.
I prefer him with hair, but nevertheless he still looked cute throughout the show. I was gushing about him throughout the movie and BF seems a bit irritated. Hahaha.

And that guy who acted as Dragon. He seems to be another version of Mike He even though I think the latter looked better. I guess it's because of the hairstyle. His cool and cockiness was charming at first, though towards the end his acting sort of made his character "sissy".

Check out the part where they had a dinner gathering. Boss Geta nonchalantly moved a piece of raw, fresh finger of his victim using his chopsticks as though it was just a piece of chicken bone when he was reading the newspaper on the table. The shocked+disgusted face on Mark Chao was hilarious.


I had been wanting to watch it way before it started in the cinemas. Because of the cast, being like a singers gathering - FishLeong, PinGuan, CaoGe, SinJie, AhNiu, DaiPeiNi, Zhang Dong Liang, Wu Qi Xian.

The filming feels abit budget/amateur and the storyline was a tad draggy. However, it did bring much laughter to the audience (ahniu's movie leh, sure funny one what. haha).

I heard that this show is about Ahniu's childhood story, his first love. If I'm Ahniu's wife I sure damn upset that he still remember so much and how the movie portrayed it as such a memorable, special love!!

A lighthearted movie great for people who just want to watch a movie without thinking too much.

.... and I think CaoGe makes a great comedy actor. Hee.

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