Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost, Famous.

Recently I get very excited about leaving the house.

You know why?
Cos I just had a big collection of new additions to my wardrobe :)

Fringe Skirt.

Vertical banners tank top to match the fringe skirt.

The tank top can also be paired with this reptile skirt!

Besides being cool, sometimes I like being cute. Cherry Ode Dress! Bound to up your sweet factor.

This Silk Polkadot Dress - I love the cutting! Something my mum and my future-mother-in-law would definitely approve of.

What i'm wearing in this pic is a blue floral tube dress. Matches perfectly with this green patch of grass. Lol. I love how comfy it is because of the thick cotton layer underneath!

Is that straw hat abit too small for my head? Lol. Well, that's not the point. This floral dress is climbing its way up my rank of favourite dresses. Comfy and so versatile! I wore it out on a date with BF yesterday ^^

This suede black dress is the perfect choice for glam events don't you think so? Love the material and how it looks. Check out the back. Perfect. I just had to get it although I didn't have any glam events coming up. Haha.


Thanks to Jayden who took these photos for me, and Fabian who helped out during the shoot. I have alot more chio pics but I'll upload them another day.

(and get your friends to help you take pics of your chio clothes in the middle of the road too hehe)

Have you heard of that almostfamous blogshop? Yep, they are almostfamous cos everyone has heard of them except you.

Alright, let me tell you more about this almost famous blogshop.

They are called... ALMOST FAMOUS.

I'm truly impressed at how much effort they put into their craft, right down to even the smallest detail.

1) Web Design.

Doesn't it perk up your shopping mood a little more? I'm sure we all don't like to shop in messy websites, right? And that's why retail shops hire display designers.

I love the "add to cart" feature in this blogshop, very convenient!

2) Sometimes after we checkout our goods, we are so eager to know when our items will be sent out. At Almost Famous, they give you a FREE CERTIFICATE OF POSTING! This certificate serves to certify & confirm that your order has been sent out to you via SingPost. It includes information such as the price of the postage, the date of the postage as well as the postal agency your package was sent out from.

Be assured of the status of your postage. Long gone are the days when you would secretly suspect the shop owner of not sending your items out when your mails get lost. (heh, don't tell me you don't slightly suspect that?)

3) Then it comes to the stage when you receive your parcel. Be amazed at how much work they put into the packaging and making sure your clothes are in top-notch condition when they reach your hands.

First they wrap the clothes with plastic wrapping for waterproof purpose, after which they add a corrugated box for extra protection against damage that can be caused by postage. And that's still not enough to them. They even add pretty wrapping paper to your package, which is bound to put a smile on your face when you receive the parcel.

When you shop at Almost Famous, your orders always arrive safely & in the most pristine of conditions no matter rain or shine!

4) Love your pretty buys?
Get spotted wearing Almost Famous!

Wardrobe makeovers on television always seem too good to be true. I’ve watched often with envy as people on those shows get to throw out their entire wardrobe in exchange for a new one picked by designers, image consultants & professional shoppers.

Well guess what? Now YOU can be that lucky person in their BIG GIVE AWAY!

Win up to 10 AF outfits from the latest collection just by donning their clothes! Check out:

5) What if the clothes you bought at Almost Famous doesn't fit?

No longer do you have to worry! All of their dresses & outfits are fully customisable at Michelle’s Alteration! Almost Famous shoppers will enjoy up to 20% off all alteration services! I've not heard of a blogshop that services you so much even after transaction is made.

6) The apparels are handpicked and imported from overseas as well. I tried numerous of other designs in their store and I was amazed by the quality of these clothings. Definitely not the cheap fragile type of cloth. It feels like clothes from branded boutiques!

Now you must be thinking... "So much extra services, the clothes sure is very expensive one right!"

NO! The clothings are of similar prices with usual blogshops (around $20+ on average). Can you believe it??

Now you understand why I was so impressed. Right from the moment before you shop, till you make your purchase till you wear the products, AlmostFamous services you from the beginning till the end. Not even some retail boutiques can match up.

I'm sure you want to be kept in update with this great blogshop.

Do follow them on twitter:

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& The best thing is yet to be told:

Join their mailing list for an
immediate $15 shopping credit!!!!!

Head over now:


Comment tell me which piece or picture you like!


Update: Check out the newly updated collection! I'm loving these two pieces!


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